Beyond Lithium
New, safe high density

AML Advanced Materials is focussed on three core areas; non-lithium battery technology to create safer batteries that extend the range of electric vehicles; light-weight alloys for aerospace and automotive applications and low cost, highly efficient, electricity conductor to meet the growing global demand for robust electricity transmission networks.

Working on safer, high energy battery technologies that go beyond lithium

Current lithium ion battery technology comes with some technical constraints.

Traditional lithium ion batteries can pose a fire risk and requires effective cooling systems to keep them safe and extend their useful life.

AML Advanced Materials is working on an innovative non-lithium battery that has a higher energy density, which means an electric vehicle fitted with an AML Advanced Materials non-lithium battery may have a significantly greater range whilst avoiding also any risk of "thermal runaway".

AML Advanced Materials owns 100% of Intellectual Property that underpins our non-lithium battery technology.